That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons even hibernating blogs might wake up and bite your nose right off your silly, screaming face.

This is the blogroll suspended animation room. It’s where those blogs go which I’ve enjoyed reading but whose authors have stopped posting for one reason or another. Since they might just decide to return to their keyboards one day a blog is never dead if it isn’t actually deleted forever. But while they’re hibernating, sleeping in R’lyeh, cryogenically frozen or currently existing as a non-event mass with a quantum probability of zero in a Red Dwarf stasis booth I thought I’d set aside somewhere as a place for links to those blogs.

Let’s hope we don’t have to wait three million years for them to come back.

Al Jahom’s Final Word

And there was me thinking….. Out of hibernation and back on the blogroll
(As of Jan 2011 back in hibernation again, and it looks like she’s gone and deleted the blog too)
(And back again and gone again. Sadly it looks like it might be for good this time).
And back again in May 11) and gone again with all blog traces taken down

Anna Raccoon Out of hibernation and added to blogroll

Angry Teen

Burning Our Money

Charlotte Gore

Constantly Furious
Returned to blogosphere but it seems not for long

Corrugated Soundbite

The Devil’s Kitchen / The Devil’s Knife Returned to the blogosphere

Freedom-2-Choose Returned to blogosphere

Grumpy Old Twat

Mr Eugenides

Is There More To Life Than Shoes

Looking For A Voice (now viewable only by invitation)

LPUK blog (apparently absorbed into party site)

NightJack (Archive)

Obnoxio The Clown Returned to the blogosphere

Plato Says (blog possibly deleted)

Prats in Power (no longer public)
Renegade Parent

Tea and Cigarettes (back in the blogosphere)

The Passenger

The Resistance (anti-smoking site, currently not being updated)

The UK News Network

Uncle Bill’s OLD Canadian Blog

Wholly Rude

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