Lightbloggingitis – a very acute case

Prompted by a couple of emails in the last two days…

For various reasons which are both too boring and too time consuming to go into I’ve been too busy to blog lately. Too far away from my computer for much of the time and too knackered to put brain to keyboard back at home. Exiled anger has not gone anywhere since there’s plenty that still gives me the arse almost from the minute I open my eyes in the morning. I just haven’t had much opportunity to write about it and the back rooms of this blog have become a mess of half formed thoughts and half written, probably never to be finished, posts about various things.

However, my old dumb phone tragically died – really died, I mean, not Gordon Browned at someone in an incoherent rage – and I’ve reluctantly joined the ranks of the smartphone set. The upside of this means that I can at least put out morsel sized chunks… yes, your humble potty mouthed libertarian British expat Down Under is on Twatter as @AngryExile, and the level of anger is diminished only as much as being expressed in 140 characters makes necessary. But they’re 140 quite angry characters.

Wonder if there’s a tweet widget I can put on here somewhere so that it doesn’t keep looking like I’m dead in the outback somewhere.

Edit: yes there is. Shame I didn’t think of looking earlier.

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  1. Excellent – I was getting worried for a bit there. I thought you might have been run over by a kangaroo and lying in some Aussie hospital on the critical list – or locked up by some antipodean plod for breaking the unknowing rules of being a Pom in the Land Down Under.

    Chin up, matey.

    • Had that happened it would have been, per preferred media description in such situations, a ‘rogue’ kangaroo. The majority of kangaroos being of course properly law abiding… 😉

  2. Good to know that you’ll be back. I enjoy (if that’s the correct term) your view from down there. Have you witnessed any Pom bashing regarding our medal haul versus the money spent?

    • No, not really. Some stuff about how sport funding has effectively plateaued if not declined post Sydney and some more stuff about how successful nations (i.e. China and GB) in London have poached some Aussie coaches, but really it’s more about Oz dropping the ball. Personally I can’t help feeling that having spent the thick end of A$7bn on hosting the Sydney Games the money wasn’t necessarily there to fund sport and keep the best coaches here. Dropping below the more populous countries with their much larger pools of potential talent is probably to be expected. Having spent roughly twice that hosting London – money we all know the UK really doesn’t have – I have to wonder if the same thing might begin happen to the UK in Rio and the two or three games after that.

    • The annoying thing is I could blog from the smartphone if it wasn’t such a colossal pain in the arse to do so on a keyboard an inch an a half wide. Most of those half written posts were begun on the phone only to be abandoned when my frustration with the phone exceeded my rage over whatever it was I was cross enough to want to blog about. Frankly that aspect alone explains Twitter – 140 characters is about right for smartphone typing before it makes you want to punch someone.

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