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Nice to see that the media are all over the hugely important issue of Tom Thumb, er Cruise being divorced by Katie Thingy… not Perry, the other one… Holmes! Yes, that’s it, now where was I? Oh yes, being divorced by Katie Holmes and wanting sole custody of the kid (unless it’s kids). The state of the marriages of all actors should be a matter of huge concern to absolutely everyone and far more important than such trivialities as, say, some uncontrollable wildfires in Colorado that have destroyed hundreds of homes, caused millions of dollars of property damage and appear to have resulted in at least one death. In fact this prioritisation of the coverage of news events is such that I have just one question for the media and everyone in it:





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  1. Welcome back to your blog. There have been quite a lot of bloggers here in the UK wondering whether you were alright. Looks like you are in fine fettle!

  2. Erm. Subject? Linky thing?

    Wrong? Of course there’s something wrong in this imperfect world. but which particular wrong AE, are you talking about?

  3. I’ve a post in the offing on them. Even though it’s a common thing over there, it’s still tragic.

    • On ‘them’? Them being bushfires, or lunatic slebs who believe in spacemen going through messy divorces, or a shithouse media that gives more weight to the latter than the former and an audience that carries on fucking lapping it up? Hell, there’s three posts right there.

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