Two more Aussie Olympians in gun pose photo shame shock something horror probably

And just look. Look! Not only are they posing with guns but they’ve even got monocles, like they’re Bond villains or something.

Castigate them in the national media immediately and have the Australian Olympic Committee launch an investigation before announcing that they’re to come home early. And while we’re at it let’s have a statement from the governing body for their sport.

Hayley Chapman knows one thing when she competes in London as part of the Australian shooting team: She’ll have one keen set of eyes behind her watching her every move at the range.

The 20-year-old from the small town of Hoyleton, north of Adelaide, will line up in her first Olympics after being confirmed in the Australian squad earlier this month.

While she will compete in the women’s 25m pistol, her father David – who is her coach – will take part in the men’s 25m rapid pistol.

Ah. Which justifies ignoring the apparent unofficial ban on widely published photos of Australian sports people holding guns. No, okay, they’re not dicking about with them like the two swimmers, D’Arcy and Monk, that I wrote about recently, which incidentally even some of the lefty press here thought was a big fuss over something pretty insignificant (not a universal opinion though). However, and unlike comparable media photos I’ve seen of clay shooter Russell Mark, it does appear that they’re breaking a cardinal rule of recreational shooting, i.e. you never, ever under any circumstances point a gun at anything you do not mind a bullet hitting, even if you’re absolutely positive the gun is unloaded, and you goddamn well keep your goddamn finger off the goddamn trigger. And yet here they are aiming right at the camera, almost giving the feeling they’re aiming right at the viewer of the photo, and with stone cold emotionless expressions… oh, the humanity.

Being serious I’m sure they checked, re-checked and then checked each other’s guns, and possibly even went so far as to disable them as well. Or got the photographer to put his camera on a tripod and sign a waiver to cover bullet holes. The Charles Gray monocle thing is something top level pistol shooters all seem to have on to compete and the serious expressions are as typical of competitors in anything that requires a lot of concentration as they are of a minor murderer in The Wire. So not a big deal, and even less of a big deal than the still harmless antics of two stupid swimmers with less than stellar records when it comes to creating bad press. Yet still enough to make something of if you wanted to. So at the risk of repeating myself, why are the dopey swimmers punished (they’re to return home immediately the swimming events are over and may not stay in London to see the sights or even hang around the Olympic village getting laid) for posing with guns when posing with guns is clearly not a problem for the hoplophobes?*

Well, having thought about it I reckon there’s actually a reason for that. Two kids being knobs with guns is good for them to get their cocks in a knot about because it makes guns look all fwitening and dangerous – see, the vague unspoken implication goes, this is what holding a gun does to your mind, it makes you into a dangerous, reckless cocktrumpet. But when you have the Marks or the Chapmans being shown in photographs we’re seeing guns being used safely and responsibly by people who are shooting for no more reason than enjoyment and the thrill of competition. And some of the hoplophobes would want to avoid drawing any unnecessary attention to the fact that shooting sports can be both safe and enjoyable.

It would, if you’ll excuse the expression, be shooting themselves in the foot.


PS – and best of luck to David and Haley Chapman, who apparently are the first father-daughter duo to compete for Australia in any sport at the Olympic games.


* Though from the Ambush Predator via Twitter I hear that one school’s council elfinsafetee mob believe that the sound of one being used to start a race might lead to numerous cases of childhood PTSD, which presumably means Olympic coverage to West Dumbartonshire will be slightly delayed so that the sound of the starting guns can be overdubbed with the sound of a Teletubby saying ‘bang’. People for whom shooting is a hobby will have reconciled themselves to practically no coverage of any of the shooting events themselves.

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  1. She can handle my Magnum any time she likes ( and other assorted firearm based innuendo)

  2. They’re even pointing them! They’re a disgrace! (I think that was the term used for the other two, wasn’t it?).

    • Yeah, I think disgrace, perhaps even national disgrace, was one term being bandied about. I think that might have been one of the things that made the reaction so over the top that even The Age ended up running a piece saying so.

  3. Pointing things is RUDE!

    (Sorry, just had to get that one in – going now)

    • God, don’t give the hoplophobes any more ideas. They’ll be complaining about ill mannered gunfire next. 😀

    • Incidentally and off topic, Bill, knowing your interest in lively terrain getting up for a bit of a dance I imagine you’ll have heard about our little magnitude 5.3 wobble here a few hours ago. This is about the fourth or fifth noticeable one in the Melbourne area since I’ve lived here and being as the nearest plate boundary is about 2,000km away in New Zealand where they know what a real quake feels like I’ve wondered what causes the smaller but still significant ones here. And a short while ago I found this:

      Geoscience Australia senior seismologist Dr Mark Leonard said a dozen faults spread across East Gippsland prompted an earthquake of at least magnitude 5 every 15 years.

      He said the region had recently been placed on the agency’s earthquake hazard map.

      “East Gippsland is one of the highest areas of earthquake activity in Australia,’’ he said.

      “Australia is squeezed from all directions and it can receive earthquakes anywhere and at anytime. Why this area is more active is not that well understood, however there are a line of faults under East Gippsland which were caused from rifting from Antarctica 60 million years ago.

      “These faults are quite young geographically and are being compressed in the opposite direction to what they were up to 60 million years ago.

      “The fact that these faults exist and are young geographically mean they’re easily reactivated.”

      Interested to hear your thoughts.

  4. I thought it was Sarah Palin on the left…

  5. Just remember that the UK has an almost total ban on handguns. (You can have “blackpowred”handguns) The ban does not apply to Northern Ireland, Isle of Mann nor Channel Islands
    The UK Pistol team has to train overseas.
    Rumour has it that Olympic competitors will be granted “diplomatic status” so that no UK laws will apply to them. Just suprised that the pistol ban did not exclude UK for applying yo hold the games.

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