So, er, not worth $38 a share then?

Facebook according to

The problem with Facebook is not Facebook. It’s every asshole you ever met showing you every asshole picture they ever took of every asshole they ever met who posts every asshole thought they ever had about every asshole date, job, party, school, funeral, porn shoot, exorcism, ritual suicide and box social they ever attended. The sarlacc hasn’t seen a gaping hole so big as the spiritual asshole Facebook represents. It’s everything. It’s always everything every day and it never ends.

And that’s unlikely to be a mainstream view or Facebook would be Facebroke already by now.

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  1. Must be interesting for the guy seeing his investment plummeting and calculating how much longer he has to go.

  2. I concur with the Cracked quote completely. What or who pray tell is a ‘sarlacc’. I keep a little program with Brit English handy in the systray and have been using like a mad dog ever since I got hopelessly hooked on all of these British (and ex-pat Brit) blogs. My vocabulary has increased immeasurably. But no ‘sarlacc’ there to be found.

    Here’s how I see Facebook/Twitter/Google+. It’s a boring rerun of Geocities>MySpace>Facebook. Do you happen to remember GeoCities?

    It’s heyday was back in the days of dialup and 14K modems. Girls would create a little personal page with pictures of their pet cat which were taken with the newfangled digital cameras. They were 4MB and more. You would click on their page and go make coffee, come back, and it still wouldn’t be fully loaded 10 minutes later.

    Facebook>Twitter>Google = Hula Hoops>Pet Rocks>Mechanical Bulls>Disco>….

    Take it from there, I’d love to read an improv post from you on this all.

    • What or who pray tell is a ‘sarlacc’.

      Ah, so you’re the one who hasn’t seen the original Star Wars trilogy. 🙂 It’s a creature that lived in the desert in the third film, and you only ever saw its mouth which basically consisted of an enormous, ugly, toothy hole in the ground that things and people were thrown down.

      As for Facebook, yes, it does bring things like My Space and Geocities and Friends Reunited to mind. They were all the next big thing at one point and then suddenly they were all old hat without ever having become as big as they thought they would. Facebook has probably become bigger than any of those, which is probably to be expected if social media on the web is an evolutionary process, and it’s found a way to monetise its vast numbers of users who are paying nothing for the service themselves. However, it’s done that by making the users the product rather than the customer, so whether that will last in the long run will come down to how many users eventually find this objectionable and stop using the service. It will also depend on nothing new coming along and becoming the fad that will do to Facebook what it did to My Space. There are only so many hours in a day to look at the web and if something’s more interesting for most people to look at than Facebook then it’s in trouble. And for all those reasons – plus the fact that I’ve never been able to see what, aside from adverts and shit games, Facebook gave me that my email client and IM didn’t already do just fine – it just seemed beyond belief that Facebook was worth as much as a company like Ford that has heaps of capital in plant and property and produces several million actual products with not trivial price tags a year.

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