Meanwhile in Scotland…

Duelling bagpipes? Seriously, is that really what you have to do to get laid in Scotland? Sound like you’re maiming a cat while looking like you’re fisting an octopus?

Actually… I have to admit the sound is just a bit awesome. I’m having the one in the skirt, and I don’t care which.*


* In case Mrs E reads this, no, not really. Not even the one on the left.

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  1. And she never danced to show us her knickers. I call shame on her.

  2. Bagpipes were originally used in battle – massed ranks of these wailing bladders were supposed to frighten the hell out of the enemy.

  3. Hahahaha that was pretty good. I have always liked bagpipes, even though I am not Scottish, and even though I don’t know any non-Scots who like them.

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