Strangely specific search terms

As both my regular readers (hi, Mum) will know I don’t often look at the search terms that have brought people to my little corner of the interwebs because that way strangeness lies. Now and again I do have a look but I don’t really want to spend much time thinking about why “sister reaction porn”, “nicole graves tits” or “welding goggles” led here or why, in some cases, people were searching for those things. But I was going through some that were used quite a while back and one caught my eye that really does make me wonder…

if the sas were after me, id be shitting myself

How anyone got here from that is beyond me, and sticking it into Google now doesn’t link t my place at least on the first few pages. But what really surprises me is that this search was apparently used twice. All I can say, whoever you are, is that if the SAS are after you I very much doubt I’ve ever said anything here that would have helped anyway. But then I’ve never blogged about anyone by the name of Nicole Graves either.

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  1. sadbutmadlad

    One of the wierd ones that we regularly get is “peter pan porno”. Must be some unknown fetish, though the article is real and about nazril irham who is in a band named peter pan in Indonesia.

    Oh dear, it probably means that you’ll get some of the traffic now that I’ve mentioend it! 😉

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