Hot lesbians live next door…

… to Foamy the Squirrel (tip of the akubra to John Galt in the comments on the last post).

And tangentially related, I see that Archbishop Cranmer has had a couple of responses from the ASA on that traditional marriage ad business. He also notes the ASA is now headed by one time Labour MP and openly gay lord Chris Smith. That might explain a few things, though I very much doubt why the gays’ preferred definition should be forced on Christians and other traditionalists – or for that matter why the traditional definition should be forced on gays and their sympathisers – will be one of them.

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  1. The squirrel seems very concerned about the Bible. I’m more concerned about dictionaries.

    What is the reason for changing the meaning of words in common usage by government diktat? Is it down to some loud minority (of a previously persecuted larger minority) who are feeling, of late, neglected? And is this a good enough reason?

    Language is a living thing, and best not controlled by government (except perhaps in France, where they are used to it – each to their own, for sure).

    If the speakers of a language (on mass and by the accord of their established behaviour) wish the meaning of a word to be changed changed, then it is changed.

    On this, as on so many but not all things, government is wrong to interfere. The change in meaning of the word will happen, or not, in due course.

    So why don’t we just direct our energies at something more pressing, like the coming wreck of the western democracies and the current wreck of the first-world economies.

    Or are we too going to fiddle while civilisation burns?

    Best regards

    • Playing the fiddle while everything burns is my hot tip to win next year’s Britain’s Got Talent. Probably won’t be as good as the dog though.

  2. Unfortunately, where I am currently living, lesbians face the death penalty.

    Have to wait until Greece / Spain / Portugal / Italy goes bust and I can buy a cheap apartment by the Med and get the binoculars out for ‘hot lesbian neighbors’.

    Don’t worry – I’ve checked and my UK based proxy is fully enabled.

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