Let the train take the strain

Yesterday evening I had a brief Twitter conversation with the Ambush Predator in which she mentioned that her local Tube station was playing Elgar. This sounds like a stroke of genius and has the potential to serve as a useful public information system for those who know the code. Bank station could have Pink Floyd’s Money while St Pancras could stay classical and use Ode to Joy to let passengers know that the Eurostar is nearby and Ride of the Valkyries could be moved around the network as needed to warn passengers that the next stop looks like a scene from Apocalypse Now. Turned out it’s nothing like that and is just, hoperfully, to reduce vandalism, but in turn that reminded me of a story I saw the other day about Queensland Rail’s poster campaign to encourage train etiquette…

… has been, er, kind of hijacked.

QUEENSLAND Rail’s online train etiquette campaign has become the butt of internet jokes with parodies of the “polite” posters going viral.

In a twist similar to that experienced by the notorious “Qantas luxury” Twitter competition, commuters have embraced the invitation to “personalise the etiquette posters” and post them on social media sites.

Many have taken the opportunity to highlight some of QR’s failings.

One banner takes a dig at Premier Campbell Newman.

“Jim waited five years for a train. But it never came. Because Campbell spent all the money on tunnels.”

And then things start getting a bit, well, Ocker.

And yet the thing is that if I’d been reading that in cramped and ancient carriage on the District Line while stood in a pool of someone else’s piss and listening to some bloke trying to make up for his lousy mobile reception by talking loudly enough that his caller can hear him without it, I’d think that the jokes still have a point. Not that pissing yourself is encouraged on Queensland trains as far as I know. I keep hearing about what a weird bunch Queenslanders are but they’re not that odd up there.

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