I want to buy a Ford Falcon

Why? Because fuck cane toads, that’s why. I’d turn round and come back to run over Les as well.

And yes, still busy.


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  1. Strewth – A bloody POM developing your engines??? I suppose the option of a damn great naturally aspirated V8 is no more?

    • In these low emission, dolphin friendly times where we’re all having to fork out about 95p for a litre of unleaded (though it feels more when it’s $1.50) the short answer is, surprisingly, yes. V6s seem to be the common choice of lump to put in Ford Falcons and Holden Commodores but you can still buy either with a V8 in. Not sure about Holden but in Ford’s case, or rather Ford Performance Vehicles’ since you have to buy it from them, it’s still not naturally aspirated and in fact to meet emission regs their V8 shrank from 5.4 to 5.0 litres… before they stuck a supercharger on it. Die, toads, die.

  2. Ah yes, as a Geelong supporter, naturally I view things Geelong and this was in the local press. Hmmmmm. City thrives on that company.

    • Brilliant. Showed it to the missus immediately. She said it needs more redbacks and people dying on the roads from hitting roo at night.

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