How videogames are really causing more violence

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And yes, I’m resorting to cartoons because I’m still busy.

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  1. It’s standard media/political B/S, it sells papers/gets viewers and gives those cretinious twunts in the House of Commons something to be outraged about and pretend to be looking after our intrests as we arn’t capable of coming to our own conclusions an making a discision for ourselves

  2. I remember as a child in the 1950s there was a huge moral panic about American horror comics but we loved them and, though hard to find, they were highly prized. As far as I know we all grew up fine and these comics were gory. Does nothing ever change?

    • Nope. I’d like to think that off-screen in Star Trek that doctor with the red hair was always being told by the captain to stop shitting herself about the simulations her smart-arse son was playing on the holodeck. Would have added realism.

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