Good news for Queenslanders

They’ve ditched a useless bunch of self serving politicians up there.

Time travelling headlines brought to you by The Age - screen shot taken at 21:22 on 24th March

The bad news is that even without knowing anything about the incoming lot it’s a given that they’ve just elected another useless bunch of self serving politicians.

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  1. It was a real spanking, wasn’t it? The economy lost its AAA rating on the back of poor tourism. I wonder why the Japs aren’t as keen on coming anymore? 😉

    • Didn’t know about the credit rating. That’s just one more reason people up there had to be pissed off with their government. I wonder also whether the Kevin Rudd business may have played a part. Because he’s from Queensland and seems quite well thought of by Labor people up there I thought maybe there was an element of tactical voting going on to punish the Labor party in general. Not sure about that as it’d make more sense to save it for the next federal election but who knows.

  2. The trouble is Angry, we got rid of the government which was great, but it seems we voted in another one.l

    • Indeed, and actually it’s worse because, like all modern democracies, the government behind the government isn’t changed at all. The public service people who advised Bligh and Labor to do this or that, for instance not bothering with insurance for natural disasters like floods, aren’t voted in or out and can hang around to give the same advice to the next lot. Between that and the need of politicians in democracies to appeal to the majority it’s no wonder that no matter what particular party is in power or where it is one government usually feels a lot like another. Especially the last one.

      P.S. I see you’ve got another Katter in parliament now. Double the fun.

  3. I’ve been following it. Bligh was mightily pissed.

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