Worsepress woes

It’s been a week since from my post about WordPress’, or Worsepress as I’ve come to think of them, comment system being fucked up on purpose in a ham fisted, setting-off-a-neutron-bomb-to-kill-a-gnat style attempt to deal with trolling doppelgängers – which is widely suspected to be due more to online impersonation of the boss of Google than because it’s a real problem that bloggers can’t deal with themselves – and the silence of the Happiness Engineers is deafening. Worsepress’ support forum has a thread with 9 pages of posts, almost all of which are complaining about this change and asking for it to fixed and/or undone. And that’s just the longest thread – there are others there asking much the same thing. On top of that my personal support enquiry has gone unanswered, which for all I know might because there were thousands like it ahead in the queue, though if that was the case you’d think that after a week there’d be some sign from them that a solution was in the works. Instead there have been no posts from them on their stickied thread about comments changes for the last five days, and nothing at all that gives the impression that anyone there recognises the real problem – that the couple of bugs which they say have been fixed are irrelevant when set next to the fact that the idea is fundamentally bad.

From this I conclude that the most likely explanation is that they simply don’t give a flying fuck.

Because of this I’ll be very quiet over the coming week as I decide whether to self host a WordPress powered blog with a third party comments system or re-open the old Blogger place – yes, Worsepress have indeed pissed me off to the point that I am very seriously considering swallowing my pride and crawling back to Blogger, if only because I don’t expect to be well off for time over the next few weeks and though self hosting has been in my mind almost since the move it was always going to be some months down the road.

Fuck’s sake!


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  1. ambushpredator

    “From this I conclude that the most likely explanation is that they simply don’t give a flying fuck.”

    I surmise you are correct!

  2. I look at it in a big picture sense.

    By now, a few days into the problem, anyone who comments anywhere on the tubes will have come across the problem. They will also likely have come across the pieces of information about logging in, many times from the blog owners who are doing their best to keep their comments coming in. So anyone who comments should already have accessed their wordpress or gravatar account or got round it by not using their proper email address.

    So it’s been a few days of bastard fucking about by users not helped by WP’s lackadaisical attitude to their customers. But most people should know how to get round it by now, and hopefully WP will fix the problem properly soon.

    So stay with WP and carry on. Self hosting is not too hard if you do decide to switch or moving to Disqus or someother commenting system isn’t hard either – pretty much automated in fact.

    Anyway, is it a really a problem for you? No one visits your site anyway. Dig dig dig! :-O

  3. …I decide whether to self host a WordPress powered blog with a third party comments system

    This, absolutely this. However, with self hosting, you don’t need to worry about a third party comments system as you have absolute control over the whole thing. Not a happiness engineer to be seen.

  4. “Happiness Engineers”?

    How nauseously saccharine.

  5. I never knew that I had a WP.com or a Gravatar account. Tonight I read all the instructions prior to commenting: “Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:” so I clicked on the icon just to see if that worked.
    Whoopee! It led to a Gravatar password change page.
    Now to see if it has worked.

  6. In the words of the, nearly, immortal Frankenstein, “It’s alive! Alive!”

  7. Trouble with Blogger is there is no troll-protection, whereas there is with WP.

    • I’d say that that’s a plus for Blogger since WP’s ‘cure’ is worse than the bloody disease – FFS, I have to log in to comment on my own blog when I’m already fucking logged in! Besides, if you drop Blogger’s own comments system in favour of using one of the third party ones you can easily get anti-spam and troll tools that are as good as or better than the WP ones.

      • All WP had to do was block the troll’s use of Matt Whoever who is a big name in something or other. Then the real Matt Whoever creates a new account. Easy Peasy.

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