Questions you’d wish you hadn’t asked

Listen for what one of the co-hosts of this talkback radio show asked a caller on the topic of four BASE jumpers who’d parachuted (without the building owners’ consent, of course) from a restaurant balcony near the top of Melbourne’s Rialto Tower, incidentally skipping out on the bill for four cocktails they’d ordered from the bar shortly before. It’s around the 28 seconds mark.

“Did they all make it to the ground?” I realise that the unspoken word there is “safely”, or at least I hope it is. The alternative is that talkback radio hosts might think that perhaps one or more of them ended up bobbing around, Arthur Dent style, several hundred feet above Collins Street. Since 3AW hosts had earlier asked a caller if it involved ropes and the SAS, and whether it happened often I suppose it’s a possibility that can’t absolutely be ruled out.

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  1. I’d need more than one measley cocktail to do that!

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