A boot on the other flipper

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The conservation group Sea Shepherd has accused Japanese whalers of trying to sabotage one of its ships which is pursing the whaling fleet in the Antarctic.

Sea Shepherd’s long-range ship Bob Barker is in pursuit of the whaling fleet in Antarctic waters 2,500 kilometres south of Tasmania.

In the most recent clash, Sea Shepherd accuses the two Japanese harpoon ships of trying to foul the propeller of the Bob Barker with thick cables and of training its spotlights on the ship’s bridge in an effort to blind the crew.

I don’t particularly care for whalers but I’m not a fan of Sea Shepherd either, and I find it pretty weak of them to complain about whalers using the same kind of tactics (not for the first time) against their vessel as they do against the whalers. No doubt the whalers will claim Sea Shepherd began this kind of thing and Sea Shepherd will claim it was the other way round. Don’t know the truth and don’t care – the point is that whining that what you do to others is being done to you doesn’t invoke much sympathy in me.

“The harpoon ships trained their spotlights on the bridge of the Bob Barker in an effort to blind the crew but backed off when the Bob Barker crew retaliated with lasers.”

Lasers. Which they just happened to have aboard. For absolutely no particular reason, I’m sure.

Fuck all of them.

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  1. Not wolfers either

    A pestilence on him for a mad rogue! ‘a pour’d a flagon of Rhenish on my head once. This same skull, sir, was, sir, Dickie’s skull, the King’s jester.

  2. Interesting point. While the Sea Shepherd are doing Boys own comic derring do stuff, they could be doing better by using something far deadlier than Dollar store laser pointers – Lawyers.

    It raises another interesting question. What are the Whale populations looking like nowadays? I know Greys and Orcas do well over here in BC, and on the West coast of Vancouver Island you can see Humpbacks often ‘broaching’ during the summer.

    Not that there’s a commercial use for them any more.

    • As far as whale populations go I noticed while doing a little reading for my missing Tim Flannery post the other day that he believes that some sustainable whaling is possible. No idea whether to believe him or not but it’s interesting.

  3. The whalers should have a chat with the French. They know how to do ‘sabotage’ right..! 😉

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