Australia’s economic health

Could this be the reason why?

Admittedly I’m not all that sure if it would work with, say, retsina but with the Euro in the shitter and having been downgraded again the other day Greece may as well give anything a shot at this stage. More seriously any medium of exchange that’s hard for the state to control, and of course take its slice from, can’t be a bad thing. Joking aside I wouldn’t be surprised if this is already going on anyway.

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  1. Correctly spelled but still not really Captain Ranty

    mmmmmmm mmmmmmm mmmmm mmm mmmmm mmmmm

  2. Now see what you’ve done – your troll has found the shift key! Seriously, though, how do you stop this sort of nonsense?

    • Not my troll. To the best of my recall my first direct contact with him was him leaving his fake “captan ranty” comment here the other day. I’ve done nothing to this guy except refuse in strong terms to be used as his tool to attack someone else. But yeah, he’s found the shift key now, and yet he’s still easy enough to spot despite the discovery of capitalisation. He’s doing one thing that does rule out one easy solution, and I’m sure he’s patting himself on the back for it, but it’s not able to disguise the fact that he’s not the genuine CR. How to stop it? Not sure yet. The nuclear option is a whitelist of pre-approved commenters who will always be free to leave comments while absolutely everyone else gets put into moderation, but that wastes my time just as surely as removing/editing his comments does. It also goes against the spirit of my policy on comments and free speech (and in case our trollish friend reads this your comment wasn’t edited for calling me a fuckwit but for doing it under someone else’s name). On the other hand my time will be short for the next few weeks so a whitelist may be on the cards.

  3. Can’t find any argument against that.

  4. If I recall correctly in early colonial times Australia used alcohol as currency so I’m all for it. The great thing is that even non-drinkers will accept beer payment if they know that other people will as well.

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