Dear “captain ranty”…

Let me be very clear that that’s not – repeat not – Captain Ranty the libertarian and lawful rebellion advocate, but “captain ranty”, someone who seems to have got his cock in a knot with the true occupant of Ranty Barracks for some reason I’m not remotely interested in finding out about and to such an extent that he’s using his ever diminishing time on this planet to leave comments in the Captain’s name and with a copied gravatar with people on the CR’s blogroll:

Thanks for your contributions to my blog in the past, i have decided i do not want any more of your comments as they are not in the style and have the content i require in order to advance “lawful rebellion” in a new direction.

thanks again.

captain ranty

Presumably the hope is that the recipients of these comments will get the hump with the Captain and remove him from their blogrolls, although I have to say that if so then it’s an overly optimistic hope given the piss poor impersonation. There were a few things that shouted ‘impostor alert’ and one in particular made it certain, but even before looking at those there’s the fact that species as yet undiscovered on the bottom of the oceans can probably manage a better Ranty impersonation.

Anyway, I digress. I just wanted to make it absolutely crystal clear that this post is to “captain ranty” rather than Captain Ranty.


Dear “captain ranty”

I don’t know who you are, I don’t know what your beef is with Captain Ranty, and I honestly don’t give a remote fuck about it. I do care that rather than debate whatever it is with the Captain at his blog or your own you’ve taken your row to other people’s. While I can’t speak for anyone else it’s not welcome here.

Why? Well, let me put it like this. Imagine this isn’t the internet but the real world. Now imagine that I came and stood outside your home with a loudhailer yelling all the reasons I think that Andrew Demetriou is a dickhead, or even yelling that I am Andrew Demetriou and I don’t ever want to see you anywhere near me or anything to do with me ever again. Probably you’ll be wondering who the hell Andrew Demetriou is but almost certainly you’ll be wishing the tool with the loudhailer at your gate would go away and tell it to someone who cares because nobody appreciates someone else’s fight taking place on their lawn.

That, buddy, is what you’re doing. You’ve come here claiming that you’re someone else and asking me not to contribute to their blog. If you want to use me to get at someone for you at least have the fucking courtesy to offer to pay me for it. I’d turn you down flat but I’d have a little respect for you. Not as much respect as I’d have if you just blogged why you think the Captain is wrong about whatever the fuck it is you’re at war with him over, but a little. Not knowing what what arcane aspect of lawful rebellion is involved I may or may not agree, though I’d be lying if I said that doing what you’re doing doesn’t prejudice me against you because you seem to prefer it to making a convincing argument. But far more likely I still wouldn’t know about it because, at the risk of repeating myself, I’m not fucking interested.

So, paraphrasing Mr Wolf, pretty please with sugar on top… just fuck off.

Unkind disregards,

The Angry Exile.

Not what I would prefer to be blogging on a Saturday afternoon, but necessary. As a result of this the comments policy has now been updated. The class of comments I will remove as soon as I’m aware of them is now as follows:

  • Spam, whether porn or otherwise
  • Anything blatantly libellous and which some fuckwitted legal system somewhere will hold me responsible for even though someone else actually said it
  • Impersonators of other bloggers/commenters attempting a bit of social engineering

P.S. I won’t delete “captain ranty’s” comment on the last post as it was made before this addition to the comments policy, but I will tinker with it a bit. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

P.P.S. Or maybe I won’t seeing as I’ve just noticed that on top of everything else the knobber’s misspelled the word ‘captain’ in the name. I’m not sure I should fuck with it when I can’t improve on the original.

P.P.P.S So much for me thinking that it’s a falling out over some fine detail of lawful rebellion. From one of the Captain’s tweets it seems he’s just another wowser.

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  1. The idiot posted the same comment at mine. Twice. Clearly, getting a little bit overexcited.

    Still, they have pills for that these days, I hear…

  2. It’s probably the troll who invades blogs and then posts in other people’s names.

    He is best deleted and ignored. Anyone who gives him space just gets trouble and harassment in return.

    • From the real CR’s most recent post that’s exactly who it is. Until now he and I have never crossed paths directly. Says something about the character that his very first contact with me appears to be an attempt to poison me against another blogger by deceitful means.

  3. The idiot was over at my site as well. In my case he wasn’t able to do the copy of the gravatar, but there was no link on the name. I deleted the fool.

  4. Odd, really, that he should have thought he could get away with it.

    Anyone who has cast even a fleeting glance at CRs blog would see immediately that it’s just not CR’s style. Both in content and delivery.

    What on earth is he hoping to achieve? The knobhead of the year award?

    Takes all sorts, I suppose…

  5. unconvincing fake pat nurse

    mm mm mmmm mm mmmmmmmm mmmm

  6. Thanks AE.

    In a nutshell, he posts comments on a blog without even bothering to read the content of the post, or any posts that preceded it. He calls you a liar and demands proof even though you say “Hey, why not read some of the archived stuff and you will know where I am coming from with this post?”.

    I started out being polite but he is such a knobber that I decided that I would insult him instead. He then demanded an apology from me because I stopped answering his inane questions. Had HE remained polite I would have done the same.

    Next came a wave of threats. He swore that the disruption would begin and continue until his apology was received. I won’t apologise. Not ever.

    It would be acceptable if he could, as you said, contain the fight within the right battlefield but as he is only 11 or 12 he has not yet grasped this.

    Thanks again for this post.

    Be well,


    • Yes, I have a vague recollection of seeing a bit of it there now. Like I said, not my battle and it didn’t look like you needed help so as far as I recall I didn’t involve myself. However, it appears that having done nothing to him isn’t enough to prevent him from coming here and taking a first strike dump on my doorstep.

      I like the demand for an apology. It puts me in mind of a comedian here who called a wannabe shock jock a massive dickhead and ended up apologising. The apology went like this:

      “Mr Dave Hughes has issued a public apology to Mr Kyle Sandilands, who has made comments in the past days in reference to remarks made by Mr Hughes at the 2007 TV Week Logie Awards.
      “Mr Hughes said : ‘I am sincerely and deeply sorry that Kyle Sandilands is a massive dickhead.’
      “Mr Hughes further remarked: ‘… Massive dickheads have the same rights as normal people.’
      “Mr Hughes is not available for further comment on this matter.”

      The world could do with more public apologies like that, but with your commenter I probably wouldn’t bother making the effort to get creative either.

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