A follow up

Fake captain ranty has just commented again pretending to be Pat Nurse.

So having made it clear in the updated comments policy that I’ll consider such comments as legitimate targets I’ve altered it to read like he’s wearing a ball gag.

Future comments will be be treated similarly if I have time and inclination to entertain myself by editing it to make it sound like he enjoys sex with musical instruments or something and deleted if I haven’t. Mostly they’ll be deleted for the foreseeable future. Life’s too short, me old fuckpot. Get your own blog and slag off Ranty, Pat, Leg-iron and whoever else you feel has pissed on your chips. I’m all for that. Better yet, stop slagging them off long enough to form arguments explaining why they’re wrong. But just stop fighting on other people’s lawns. Every time I find it here I will delete or bastardise the comment.

And to both my real readers, since moving I have occasionally been lazy about signing in to comment on other people’s blogs. Well, partly lazy and partly because I’m struggling to sign in reliably with this WP login using OpenID which seems only to work when it feels like it. So I’ve been filling in my name and URL in much the same way as “captan ranty”/”pat nurse” appears to have been doing. Having called him out on it I expect similar treatment so this habit will stop right now. To those using Blogger, if I can’t sign in with WP then I will sign in with my still working Blogger ID and put up with the fact that it points to my old place instead of here. To those using WP I will only comment when logged into WP. If in doubt about whether a comment is mine or not you’re welcome to check, though I’ll add that the next 2-3 weeks (more if I’m lucky) are going to be really fucking busy for me so I don’t anticipate doing much blogging and probably little if any commenting. I’m just not going to have the time.

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  1. “…I’m struggling to sign in reliably with this WP login using OpenID…”

    AHA! So I’m not the only one with issues on WP!

    Yesterday evening, I wrote a fairly long comment on a blog which had the OpenID sign in options. I signed in on the WP button, posted, and got a window telling me “You do not own this ID”, This little gem had me uncharacteristically screaming at the monitor: “Whaddya mean I don’t own this ID? Of course I own this fucking ID you stupid bastard program.”

    Naturally, I hadn’t copied my comment, not having anticipated meeting a particularly stupid missive from WP, so of course the comment was cast on the winds of cyberspace, never to be seen again.

    Much pounding of desk and unseemly language ensued, but failed totally to restore my comment to the land of the living. I had to have another glass of wine to calm me down…

    • AHA right back at yer. I thought it was just me and some yet to be identified twattery on my part. Misery and and annoyance with internet stuff that doesn’t work properly love company.

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