If you read just one more post today…

… make it this one of Bill Sticker’s.

No less a body than the FBI is posting dire warnings about people it calls ‘Sovereign Citizens’ and how they are becoming a ‘Terrorist threat’. Now I realise this is more Ranty’s territory than mine, but I’d like to write down what thoughts I have on the matter.

Now the FBI say that this movement poses a ‘threat’, forming an extreme ‘right wing’ grouping. In their press releases they attempt to link the Sovereign Citizen movement directly to the actions of the Oklahoma Bomber Timothy McVeigh, with a sly nod of the head towards the loose but highly influential American anti-tax alliance, the Tea Party.

Of course it’s all propaganda. Assailed upon all sides by the tactics of tax and revenue denial, the powers that be will want all those who don’t like having their pocketbooks raped for last red cent classed as ‘terrorists’. Even if the individuals concerned are nothing of the sort.

Seriously, do go and read the whole thing.

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  1. I just tweeted the link as well.

    Very, very good.


  2. Now strangely enough, I am a member of the Sovereign Individual movement (after that great terrorist Lord William Rees-Mogg).

    I don’t wish to gas anybody or have a Stalinist expulsion to the Gulags or anywhere else.

    I simply wish to earn my own money based upon the exchange of value-for-value, paying for such services I use and require without having part of my earnings stolen by the state in the form of tribute, wealth redistribution or any other bollocks.

    That is why I have moved myself into a position where I can tell my home government to go fuck themselves while enjoying the full benefit of my labours in the sunshine of a western pacific shore (i.e. not the US side, the other side).

    John Galt.

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