… but I didn’t shoot legibility

I’ve had a couple of requests to improve the readability of the text. To those who’ve asked and to anyone else who doesn’t find the text as easy on the eye as at the old place, you’re not alone. I find the same thing a bit, though looking at it on a big fuck off HD monitor probably helps. However, the font is something I am looking at (badoom tish). Point size seems about right but should it be a font with thicker characters, with or without serifs, or would it be fine if it was just solid black instead of this dark grey? Suggestions in the comments please, but bear with me because this theme seems to lack options as far as the font goes so change won’t be ’til I’ve had a chance to look at others. Or pay for customisability.

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  1. I have no problems on a 16in laptop.

  2. Black would be better than grey and I’m on a 24″ monster. I think that’s why it doesn’t look so clear for me.

  3. Nothing wrong with the font, but as SBML says, black would make it clearer. I use a 20″ monitor, and my eyes aren’t as good as they were, so I think a little more contrast would help.

  4. Verdana is the usual for reading from a screen. About 11 or 12 point.

  5. I use Bookman Old Style – quite wide but not as big as Verdana.

  6. I am just loving the post title. Well done. No font complaints from me, so have fun fiddling.

  7. It’s fine as it stands. May I please insist that Helvetica and it’s Arial/Humanist variants will not be considered? It is a known fact amongst typographers that Helvetica (aka “Eurofont”) is a plot to dumb down writing by dumbing down typographic design.
    BTW; brilliant writing here, AE, thanks.

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