A what kind of event?

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Via The Age, a sign in Footscray, west Melbourne this week. I suppose with legal brothels here it might not be a spelling mistake, but…


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  1. “Linky” doesn’t work…

    If you are going to that event, you’ll be wanting one of these to travel in:

    • No idea why linky doesn’t work but it’s no big deal as it’s just a link to The Age’s version of microdave’s Friday Funnies, where there’s not much more said about the pubic event than I repeated here. I linked more out of netiquette than because there’s more to it. Thanks for telling me so I could link in the text instead – never let it be said that I’m a fucking ill mannered bastard by any shower of cunts, fuck ’em all in the eyes. 😀

      Oh, and thanks to your link I won’t be able to look at a standard old VeeDub without thinking the bloody thing’s got a camel toe. Nice work. But I’d like to think that someone somewhere will have seen that pic and be thinking of making a porno version of the Herbie films.

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