Euro-trash? Moi?

According to the Grauniad, via the Filthy Engineer, that’s exactly what I am (him too). In my defence I’ll say that a few questions really didn’t have any valid answer for me but not being allowed to skip them I clicked the least inapplicable one instead. Still, 1% eh? Not bad for someone who hasn’t lived there for years and feels absolutely no loyalty to the place at all, and presumably a score of Euro-trash makes me so European that I can sing about masturbation on TV. And there I was always thinking I couldn’t carry a tune.

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  1. I don’t know how I failed so miserably. I suppose I’ll be thrown out of the EU now. What am I to do?

  2. Despite my utter hatred of the EU, working in Germany seems to have given me a classification of “Hate the state, not the people”.

    Like 26% of respondents, you’ve been rated:Euro-logical
    You are either indifferent or ambivalent about a union headquartered in a city with a urinating boy as its principal icons.

  3. Looks like I am Euro trash too. Mind you, this is not totally pointless because genetically I am 100% Dutch. I wouldn’t rearm, at least not literally. Shooting people is for states, and snipers picking off people who leave their phones on during classical music performances, but the EU has to go. Now.

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