That didn’t take long

Back at the blog for only a couple of days and already someone has destroyed another cognitive dissonance meter.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, [Permanent Secretary for Tax at HMRC] Dave Hartnett says that householders have a duty to ensure that other people do not evade paying their share of tax.
Paying a builder or cleaner in cash, allowing them to evade VAT or income tax, will result in even deeper government cuts to public services, he says. People who contribute to the cash economy cannot then complain about austerity measures, he adds.
“Tax provides the funding to run the country: hospitals, schools and everything else,” he says. “Every time someone pays cash in order not to pay VAT, the nation gets diddled.”

Oh, is that so, Dave? Well, do tell us how you’d describe the state’s regular spunking away of billions of pounds on unnecessary shit, necessary shit that’s overpriced and doesn’t work properly, quangos, clampdowns on victimless crimes, subs for EU membership and more recently the use of taxpayers’ money to prop up private companies which through their own mistakes should naturally have gone to the wall. Plus the interest payments needed because all that on top of the cost of actual public services comes to rather more money than you can raise through tax anyway.

And while you’re scratching for an apt description – you could use ‘diddled’ again though I’d suggest ‘fucking ripped off’ – you might also tell us how you’d describe coercively taking half of what people earn, much of it before they’ve even get their own hands on it in the case of those on PAYE and under threat of violence for those doing returns, with no better justification than a vague assertion that you’ll be handing it over – minus that needed for your ≈£160K salary and £1.7M pension that you’ll be retiring several years early to enjoy, natch – to people who at best have vague good intentions to spend it in ways that benefit those from whom it was forcefully taken. ‘A sophisticated way of demanding money with menaces’ is one oft repeated description, though I don’t see what’s wrong with something like ‘legalised theft’. No doubt you’d call that ‘duty’ (badoom tish!) as well, eh, Dave?


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  1. So presumably he’s also going to ban DIY on the basis that VAT on the materials doesn’t “earn” Mr Osborne enough and he needs the tradesmans income tax take too badly.

    If there’s anything I need help with around the house, I have various mates with specialist skills and equipment. Favours are exchanged…. some of the favours have pictures of the Queen on them because we are very patriotic *cough*.

  2. It’s contemptuous little twats like Dave Hairnet that are the reason I left the UK in the first fucking cunting place. Thieving bastards were taking the best part of half my money, most of it as you quite rightly say through PAYE.

    Well, since I’ve left they get 100% of Sweet Fuck All. They managed to fuck me off enough that I found myself a nice little tax haven where me and my remaining capital could rest and recouperate from the storms of war.

    So fuck you Dave – preferrably with an African Elephant sideways.

    • I should perhaps have included in the post a disclaimer that my feelings for HMRC are coloured by the fact the cunts sent me tax returns and regular letters asking for NICs for the first couple of years I was in Oz, and that it was very difficult getting them to take ‘Go fuck yourselves with a splintered cricket bat soaked in vinegar’ for an answer. I don’t know, do you think I should mention it?

      • Strangely they’ve been pretty compliant with me since I faxed the copies of the Writ of Mandamus that I was about to serve on Dave Hairnet back in 2009.

        About 10-minutes later I had someone described as a ‘Senior Complaints Handler’ on the line asking me to suspend service on the writ while they resolved the problems.

        I gave them 24-hours, strangely enough the £10,000 tax refund and “NT” tax code were issued the next day and I got them in the post the day after.

        The only way to deal with these cunts is to put them in a situation where you hold all the cards (i.e. out of their jurisdiction with job, residence, cash and assets in a foreign country) and then sue the fuckers when they are banged to rights.

        Cunts move fast enough then.

        I sent them a letter a few weeks later asking to be removed from the Self Assessment system as I was no longer UK tax resident. Got a response back a week later, “Sure, no problem. Let us know if circumstances change, have a nice day.”.

        Kept THAT ONE on file, let me tell you. Can’t trust these HMRC folks as far as you can throw them.

        • Yeah, I got the friendly “Oh, don’t worry about it if you’re no longer a UK resident” response the first year too. Didn’t stop them sending me letters asking for NICs or another return the following year. Left hand, right hand stuff, I suspect.

  3. What planet is he living on. He’ll be swinging with the rest of em when the shit hits the fan.

    • He’ll probably end up happily retired (other than maybe a couple of non-exec directorships) to somewhere sunny. I don’t mind that if he shuts the fuck up, but £1.7M seems a lot of money for it. Besides, you just know that whoever replaces him will feel the same way. It’s fucking institutional.

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