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It’s tempting to claim that I’m ahead of the curve on illiberal piracy laws and that Wikipedia are about to go (to anyone of school age that happens to be reading this, do your homework tonight) where I’ve been for the past couple of weeks, but the truth is far more prosaic. I have an internet connection malfucktion of the ‘it works when it feels like it’ variety, and when it doesn’t feel like working I’m using a hideously expensive mobile broadband as a back up while the ISP and I try to establish (a) where the fault lies and (b) who pays for it. Annoyingly it’s looking like the answers are respectively ‘somewhere on the property’ and ‘me’.

Apologies to both my readers (hi Mum) and anyone who’s been looking in wondering when I’m going to follow through on the changes here at the new place or indeed write anything. That goes double for the person who emailed something to the effect that they’re suffering withdrawal symptoms due to the lack of angry upside down blogging, and wondering if something horrible had pumped my veins full of paralysing toxins and left me as a still living but partially pre-digested mass for its incubating young, and suffering from withdrawal symptoms. You’re very kind but it’s nothing so dramatic – I should be back in a few days, though while I catch up on what other bloggers have been saying I’ll still be relatively quiet for a bit.

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  1. I’d be a bit worried if I were you – the detail in that e-mail sounds just a touch inappropriately hopeful; ‘Yeah; it’s a pity about poor AE – but what an awesome way to go!’

    Hasta la revista!

  2. I wus wondering WTF had happened to you. I even checked the old blog, just in case you had surfaced there!

    “On the property” – Without wishing to teach egg-sucking, have you tried a different microfilter (assuming they are used downunder)? I had some most peculiar problems that had me (and ASE) baffled, and led me to heap even more shit on Tiscrapi. But I tried another filter and all was back to normal. I also have a selection of routers to try, as another line of attack. Any poor / corroded connections on the phone line will bugger the internet, but these normally show up as noise during a voice call. If you have several sockets check ALL of them, even any that aren’t being used. They will all be paralleled up, so a fault on one can affect the others…

  3. Welcome back, we were getting a bit worried.

  4. Havoc!!! Seriously though, did you accidentally dig through your phone cable? Oh, wait, I forgot: here in Australia we don’t know how to bury cables to keep them out of the way of falling gum trees and stuff. Ah well I guess it’s worth the blackout every time there’s wind or rain or and “r” in the month just so we don’t have to go to all that expense.

  5. I figured it was lack of connectivity, rather than lack of rage-inducing material… 😉

  6. A thought – you haven’t changed your car recently, have you? Or noticed a new one somewhere in the neighbourhood.

    Our postman has a new Mazda which he used to park outside our house – as soon as he locked it, our internet went down, even if the car was a good 50 yards up the street.

    He was amazed when we told him, and put it to the test; it turned out he was having serious internet problems at home (he uses the same ISP) and had already called them twice to no avail.

    At least I got a post out of the story:

  7. “…but it’s nothing so dramatic…”

    Shame. I do so love a bit of drama.

    Internet problems are terribly boring. Mundane, even.

    • “Internet problems are terribly boring. Mundane, even.”

      You’ve obviously never dealt with Tiscali’s laughingly labelled “Technical Help” department….

  8. Twenty_Rothmans


    when I lived there, downtime was a way of life, possums chewing through cables, that sort of thing.

    You might as well post a round fucking robin.

  9. Took me a while. Couldn’t work out why you weren’t posting and why I couldn’t comment at your place. Duh!

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