An apology – UPDATED

I’ve just been alerted to the fact that the RSS feed for the blog is going crazy sending out piles and pile of old posts of mine. I think this must be something to do with a few hundred posts that were imported with the Blogger tags as categories and me being busy for the last few hours changing them all to tags, but I had absolutely no idea that they’d be treated as new and shoved out through RSS again. Unfortunately when I found out it was almost too late as I’ve only got a dozen or so left to do, which means anyone following via RSS has been accidentally quasi-spammed. I can only apologise and assure both my readers (hi Mum) that if I’d had the faintest clue it would do anything like that I wouldn’t have done it and looked for another way of correcting the category/tag thing or found out how to turn the RSS feed off. Which is something else I haven’t worked out how to do in WordPress yet.

Again, many apologies to anyone being bombarded with old posts.

UPDATE – Oh, Christ. If this is right this is going to happen every time I change a post unless I make the blog private during editing and re-open it. Surely that can’t be right? I’ve subscribed to several WordPress blogs via RSS and never noticed any duplicates. Looks like I’ll be going off air in a few minutes to do the last ones.


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