Iran’s Defence Ministry – apparently just like everyone else’s

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Well done, geniuses. And how many battleships are currently serving with the navies of the world? With the Yanks having retired their last ones years ago I think the answer is very roughly approximately none. Yes, America has aircraft carriers to sink, but you don’t need to sink one to put it out of business – you just need to do enough damage to bugger its ability to launch aircraft. I’m no expert but I guess that might be the reason the Yanks don’t let them sail around on their own but supply each carrier with a bunch of other ships to support and protect it. All of which makes me think this ‘sink a battleship’ stuff is more about willy waving than anything else. No doubt it will go bang nicely if it hits a ship that gets within the 125 mile range but realistically that’s not going to be the US Navy all that often, and it’s not going to be anyone with a battleship except time travellers from the past. Tankers and freighters on the way in and out of the Persian Gulf, yes, but why make a battleship sinking missile for that?

No, I think this is more about giving the rest of the world the shits, and the only sensible response is the mature and dignified one. We all run up to the nearest Iranian embassy and yell “H4, H5, H6” at the top of our lungs and then run away again.

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  1. Single Acts of Tyranny

    Of course the point is not to sink naval vessels at all, just scare tanker owners.

    • Yeah, probably, but won’t a lot of them be filled with Iranian oil? :$

      • Perfect! You get to sell the oil twice, and assuming you’re insured with Lloyds of London, you get the infidels to pay for a shiny new tanker too. It’s a win-win situation!

  2. MSM definition of “Battleship”: Anything that floats, is fairly big, and has guns and shit.

  3. “…and it’s not going to be anyone with a battleship except time travellers from the past.”

    Bugger! There goes that updated version of ‘The Final Countdown’ then…

    • Better to leave that clear for the Top Gun remake/sequel/whatever…

      “No, you can be *my* wingman. And I love you.”
      “I love you too, Maverick.”
      Fireworks erupt from Iranian anti-ship missiles, etc.

      Well, no ‘Don’t ask, don’t tell’ anymore, they can stop pretending.

  4. So…. the Iranians have developed a missile that could reach all the way to… ermmm… Tehran?

    Bloody genius!

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