Quote of the Day

Science news, and none of that useless science with no practical application either. This is the announcement of a new SI unit that will transform measurement of a day to day phenomenon to an easy standard so that everyone knows what is being talked about and precisely how much of it there is.

Following his comments on the UK being just an island at the G20, [Nicolas Sarkozy] has been selected by the International Science Community as the new System of Units(SI) as the standard cunt for scientific purposes.
The Cunt, which the measure of absolute intolerability, was recalibrated by the French Academe de Sciences after the previous standard cunt, former UK PM and bigot caller Gordon Brown who has degraded in cuntitude slightly over time to 0.9992 of a cunt.

Pop over to Down With That Sort Of Thing to read the PR in its full abusive glory. Made Oi larf.

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