Brishit Broadcasting Corporation

Via Max Farquar, BBC’s Breakfast News showing a more slender grasp on the finer points of geography than you’d expect from a service which

…maintains 44 foreign news bureaux and has correspondents in almost all of the world’s 240 countries.

I don’t know if showing “Live Tripoli” over film of Indian flags being waved by people who are presumably Indians really is a media lie or just appalling incompetence on the part of someone behind the scenes and a presenter being to busy winging it to notice the fuckuperation, though Channel 9 here have been taking heat for faking live helicopter feeds (if lying about where the helicopter was consists of faking it and as if I really give a shit if they were in a helicopter to begin with – you’ve got a studio with a man who knows what’s going on, so why the fuck can’t he just tell me?) so I suppose it’s at least possible. But then it’d be pretty stupid to think nobody at all, even in dumbed down Britain, would notice. I’m inclined to believe that the BBC is probably just that shit these days that they simply didn’t know the difference.


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