So what?

So the birth certificate is out and it says Obama was born in Honolulu. Or rather the full birth certificate, since the short version was out ages ago. Which also said he was born in Honolulu. And this changes what exactly? The Birthers, none of whom would have voted for him or want him to win a second term, will want to know why it took so long and will say that it’s because this is just a new fake – as if it would have taken anywhere near this long to produce a fake with the resources Obama’s mob have available to them. Even if they were all persuaded they’re still not going to vote for the guy. And as I’ve said before where he’s born became almost irrelevant once he was in the door, and certainly far less important than what he actually does.

So if it doesn’t change anything what was the point in even bothering? Just to make Donald Trump look silly? First shot fired in the re-election campaign, maybe?

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