Nice to know the Cobbleition have fixed Britain’s finances – pt 2

Further to yesterday’s post about the Cobbleition spending yet more money the UK hasn’t got, I see this:

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For one thing, while Cameramong’s call for austerity is no bad thing it’s somewhat undermined by the sums of money the Cobbleition are continuing to spunk away. For another the EU’s track record of financial probity is not exactly golden, is it? When was the last time the auditors were willing to sign the books? Yes, exactly, I had to look it up too because it’s been so long – sixteen consecutive years now. And I’m sure part of the reason is because of things like this:

Audits of EU funded projects for 2009 found “quantifiable errors” affecting £9.5billion of spending, with “non-respect of public procurement rules” calling into question contracts worth £4billion.
Nine out of 10 audited road building projects across the EU were identified as proceeding with “unlawful use of award criteria” despite the breach of rules being detected before contracts were paid.

It’d be nice to think Cameramong will tell them to go piss up a rope on a windy day but I wouldn’t bet on it. Oh, what the fuck, it’s only money after all. Have some more, why don’t you, you loathsome shower of troughing bastards. But please try to remember one thing:



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