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What the fu… Matron!

Oh. Golf.

I had no idea that golf was something to be guilty about. Embarrassed, perhaps, but surely only the most eco-religious golfer feels guilt over a lost ball. I thought most of them end up being found by other golfers and added to their bag, and in fact I have a golfing friend who once proudly told me that he had never once bought a golf ball in his life – he just collects any he finds and tends to find more than he loses.

So biodegradable lobster golf balls, a solution looking for a problem? Could there be a better use for recycled lobster shells than being turned into environmentally sound golf balls, and has anyone ever checked to find out what the half life of a lost golf ball is anyway?

This evening these questions will occupy me for quite literally minutes. Well, the footy’s going to start soon.


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