April meta-fool

I don’t normally quote en bloc but I quite like this by Richard Wallingham in The Age.

OUTGOING Victorian Senator Steve Fielding has launched an ambitious plan to ban the telling of lies on April 1 to help stem the ‘‘ever-growing annual tradition of playing practical jokes on less intelligent Australians.’’

“The pranks have gotten more nasty and more tricky,’’ Senator Fielding said.

‘‘Today, Senator [Stephen] Conroy told me that there was a mistake in the counting at the election and I will be coming back to the Senate in July.’’

The Family First senator, who lost his seat at last year’s election, said banning lies on April 1 would be a sensible measure to protect gullible Australians.

‘‘I was so happy that I released a press release, but then everyone started laughing and the horrible joke became clear. It’s unfair, and I won’t stand for it.”

In embracing the April Fools’ Day spirit, he said a Family First government would respect the rights of all Australians ‘‘to not be molested by pranksters.’’ …

Commit this to memory, for the day is probably coming when someone suggests this in August.


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