Austria ≠ Australia

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Per your own fucking article, folks, that’ll be Austria, not Australia.

Austria’s ORF network has so far banned a total of eight episodes, including one that features scientists Marie and Pierre Curie dying of radiation poisoning.

Australia didn’t get a mention, although the softcocks at Channel Ten have since followed suit.

“All new and repeat Simpsons episodes are, as a matter of course, reviewed before going to air in case sensitive issues are detected, particularly during natural disasters,” a Ten spokesman said.

“In light of this, we have decided to rest certain episodes that refer to nuclear power storylines.” Ten screens The Simpsons on its digital channel, Eleven.

Look, you could find a reason that something in every single episode of every single program ever made might offend or upset someone somewhere. Everyone has sensitive issues at some time or another. What are you going to do, broadcast nothing just to be on the safe side? Of course not. You assume that if someone sees something they don’t like they’ll reach for the remote and turn off or over. And guess what? That’s what they fucking do. Well, normal people anyway. I realise there is a small minority of DOTWs that will carry on watching because it’ll help them achieve offencegasm.* But everybody can tell the difference between cartoons and reality, and if one is an uncomfortable reminder of the other they’re capable of deciding not to watch. They don’t fucking need you to decide for them. Adelaide Now! has a poll up on the subject on that article if anyone’s interested.

Meanwhile at The Teletubbygraph they’ve managed to link detection of trace amounts of Iodine 131 in Oxfordshire and Scotland to Japan’s ongoing problems at Fukushima in a single headline, before going on to say in the article that actually it might not be related at all.

But, just to clarify, Iodine-131 is also used as a radiopharmaceutical.
“So it might just be worth the people checking there that this is not some slight release, just above background, associated with people washing their pharmaceuticals down the drains in Scotland.

And then adding

The risk to human health at the levels that they are talking about, I think, are basically zero.

Nowhere do they mention that 131I has a half life of just over a week and so in a couple of months where it came from will be moot since effectively there won’t be any more than you’d find normally.

in other words it’s the usual bullshit doom laden headline before clarifying in the main article, at a point which the attention deficit generation rarely reach of course, that actually there’s nothing to worry about.

* Disgusted Of Tunbridge Wells.


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