More Teletubbygraph picture fail

I screen-capped this a few days ago and then got too busy to post it, after which I forgot it was even there. Now in fairness the picture caption doesn’t actually say that the planes are Tornados, but for the headline “British Tornados hit Gaddafi forces blahblah blah” you’d think it would have been appropriate to use a photo of something other than a pair of Eurofighter Typhoons. Like a fucking Tornado or two, maybe? Meh, tornado, typhoon, hurricane, tropical anti-cyclone, any old strong wind will do.

Er, I suppose they are definitely RAF Typhoons and those tail markings don’t belong to an Italian squadron or something?

PS – on the subject of the RAF flying over Libya, apparently they’re short of pilots. I don’t want to say I told you so, Dave, especially as I don’t even consider myself as well qualified to comment on such things as the average armchair Defence Minister / Tom Clancy fan, but all the same I fucking told you so.

… but of course you’re getting rid of a load of pilots of all types which eventually restrict your ability even to have cargo aircraft dropping manure on people.

What’s probably a bit of a worry is that those reductions I was commenting on at the beginning of the month are partly in new pilots, the ones currently in training, which is why I said it’ll eventually restrict ability. That they’re having problems here and now suggests that the RAF is undermanned already.

So tell me, how come nobody’s smashing London up over cuts to Britain’s ability to defend itself, especially when the Cobbleition – and this can’t be said often enough – aren’t cutting overall spending at all?

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