Quote of the Dirt Hour

Okay, a bit premature since Dirt Hour isn’t even on us yet here in Oz, let alone all those slacker countries hours and hours behind us. Still, I saw this in The Australian by the environmentalists’ least favourite environmentalist, the eco-apostate Bjorn Lomborg. Do go read the whole thing, but almost the first thing he says is this:

Now there’s a new advertiser among the neon signs [in Copenhagen’s central square]: a brightly lit billboard exhorts everyone to participate in Earth Hour, the 60 minutes tonight in which the whole world is urged to dim the lights to cut greenhouse emissions. There is a certain irony in renting brightly lit advertising space to exhort us to save electricity for one hour, but this is apparently lost on the organisers.

Quite, but as I’ve said more than once I don’t think it’s about saving resources, energy or the planet so much as getting people to join in an otherwise pointless belief reinforcement ritual, PR for Big Eco and selling some more copies of Fairfax’s newspapers.

Incidentally, on the subject of Lomborg in The Aussie earlier in the week he wrote on biofuels and how eco-politics now has us burning food for transport. Also worth a read if you’ve got a few spare minutes.

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