… that somebody thought it necessary to write this sentence.
The latest Japanese disaster is unrelated to the quake that devastated Christchurch last month, which was caused by a fracturing within the Pacific plate.
Really? Two earthquakes more than 8,500km away from each other are not related? Gee, thanks for the heads up, because I was sitting here worrying that when there’s only a couple of weeks or so between two big earthquakes they must be linked even if they are nearly a quarter of the way round the frigging planet apart from one another. And I’d only just finished making my tinfoil hat after reading an article titled Moonageddon about the potential (non-existent) for disaster resulting from the Moon reaching the closest point in its orbit next weekend. In fairness the article does explain that it’s complete bollocks being put about by space cadets and astrologers, and I’m not going to take too much notice of someone who thinks that half a billion other people are going to have the same type of day as me because they were all born around the same time of year. It was also depressing that someone though it necessary to write another article explaining that the moon didn’t have anything to do with the Japanese earthquake either. ‘Kinell!
Incidentally, I don’t get much traffic from Japan but on the off chance that anyone there does pop in for a look I’ll just add my belated sympathies to that of practically everyone else in the world apart from the small number of fruitloops on the interwebs who think it’s God’s punishment for Pearl Harbour. I’ve experienced the disconcerting feeling of being in a little earthquake and having driven through areas utterly destroyed by bushfire I can well imagine the creeping horror on looking out at the devastation caused by a natural disaster, but I can’t imagine what a big quake is like or what I’d feel looking into the distance to see a thirty foot wall of water heading my way at speed. As it was last month with the Kiwis, my thoughts have been with the Japanese the last couple of days.

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