"Restorative" justice

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The woman officer had visited Purbeck School in Wareham, Dorset, last month to talk to the boys about a playground scrap as her role as a school liaison officer.
It is understood she was called the names ‘PC Nipples’ and ‘PC Ball Sack’ while she was out of the room and was told of the remarks moments later.
The boys were sent home and their parents were informed about the incident that night and asked to attend the restorative justice conference which took place last week.

And what happens in one of those, then?

In this instance the woman PC, a sergeant and two other officers met with the boys to make them aware of the consequences their behavior had on the victim.

Victim? Oh, Jesus. I’d explain how ridiculous this is except that one of the parents already has.

“I presume this woman officer will be called other names during her policing career, is she going to hold a restorative justice conference with all of those who do it?”

Quite. I can be contacted by email if PC Thin-Skinned Fragile Chinwobbling Timewaster wants to talk to me about what I’ve just called her, and in that unlikely event rather than apologise I’ll suggest that she could do herself, her sex, her career and her profession some favours in the image department by learning how and when to put down a couple of pretty pathetic comments by teenage boys who, stolen wank mags aside, probably haven’t caught sight of a nipple since they were weaned and whose own ball sacks contain little of interest to anyone. You ought to have been able to walk in there and reduce them all to about an inch high each in front of their entire peer group, but instead you chose victimhood. How’s that going to play with your colleagues? Are they going to wonder if someone who can’t take the pressure of duty at a school without becoming a victim of a few puerile comments can be relied on when the chips are down? Are some of them going to think that PC Delicate might be best off behind a desk in an interior office or even, dare I say it, in front of an oven while the boys and girls who can take the stick that goes with the job go out and get on with it?*

Frankly you’d do everyone a favour if you just came out and said that you were just being officious because the kids gave you an opportunity to do so and you thought ‘fuck it, why not’.

* I freely admit that I couldn’t take the stick and would probably have quit or been sacked or jailed inside a year if I’d joined the police. Which is why I, you know, didn’t. Just a thought.


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