Upping the crazy quotient – UPDATED

I still haven’t decided if Colonel Gaddafi’s story is going to end, as Bill Sticker thinks, like Ceausescu or if rather than the wall and the firing squad he’ll do a runner like Idi Amin, but one thing I am pretty sure of: when you get the air force in to strafe your own fucking citizens it’s not likely simply to blow over. A return to the status quo is almost certainly no longer an option and forgiveness is going to be a commodity in very short supply. Yet with other countries that Gaddafi might run to experiencing protests of their own are his options drying up? Would those who might be inclined to take him worry that after what he’s done it might inflame things in their own countries or, if no trouble has started there, spark off a wave of protests? Bill Sticker’s prediction is looking more and more likely.

UPDATE – and should we take this at face value?

“I have proof that Gaddafi gave the order on Lockerbie,” said the minister, who stepped down on Monday to protest the ongoing violence in Libya.

According to Abdeljalil, Gaddafi “ordered Megrahi to do it (the bombing),” and had worked hard to secure his release to ensure that his role in the plot remained secret.
“To hide it, he did everything in his power to get Megrahi back from Scotland,” the former minister said.

I’ve had my doubts for a while, especially the way so many fingers were pointing at Syria for the Lockerbie bombing until Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait and suddenly there was a need for Syria to be more or less on side, or at least not at odds, not to mention the way al-Megrahi was convicted without anyone troubling themselves to give him a fucking jury trial. Certainly doesn’t make the Libyans innocent but it’s always troubled me. But if now there really is proof…

On the other hand what that proof might be is never expanded upon so we’ll just have to see if anything more comes out about it.

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