Facetweeting – UPDATED

Bill Sticker wishes he could get rid of it and Longrider doesn’t get it at all, but I wonder if it’s because social networking, while it may come in handy now and again in places like China or Iran, is mainly used in our nominally free nations by bullshitters. At least it seems to be in Australia.

The Telstra survey showed:
ALMOST half of 18- to 30-year-olds admitted using the Facebook Places “check-in” feature – which allows mobile users at a location such as a bar of cafe to let others know where they are – to make themselves look good
ONE in 10 regularly fake where they are in a bid to improve their social status
A THIRD of Gen Ys confessed to downloading quirky iPhone apps designed to be seen by others rather than be actually used
THE same number admit to claiming Facebook or Twitter posts passed on to friends as their own in an effort to appear clever
ALMOST 70 per cent of those surveyed believed their friends use Facebook Places and status updates to appear cooler than they really were.

To paraphrase Rick Deckard, I didn’t get the appeal before and I twice as don’t get it now. I’ve never understood what Facebook offers that I can’t already do with things that came on my computer when I bought the thing, and if those exploding children 10:10 people from last year. As for Twitter, it’s probably being a smart phone refusenik that’s stopping me from tweeting, but even if or when I finally cave in and get one I still can’t see me joining in. If I’m not at the computer I probably haven’t got time and if I am then why tweet when I can just blog? And above all there’s that character limit – how is a medium which restricts you to 140 characters any good for an in depth discussion of, say, these lyrics?

And that’s before the news that half the time it’s the online version of the fish that got away.

UPDATE – this isn’t the only reason I’m a smartphone refusenik, but it is one of them.

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