Satire and reality – the line between them is blurring again

I laughed when I first saw that. Did you count all those bins? Nine of them. Nine! In addition to the real black, green and blue ones, which seem to be regular rubbish, garden waste and recyclables respectively, they got those two donuts to agree in principle to another one just for coloured paper, one for tins with labels on, one for plastic that’s had food on it, one for ‘wet food’ waste and – and I don’t know how those two householders didn’t twig that they were having the piss taken out of them in buckets at this point – one each for lightly soiled toilet paper and bio-hazardous waste. Did it escape their notice that everything that currently gets spread across three bins of about 120 litres each (which are the capacity of our bins – these look the same size or possibly slightly larger) was going to get spread across nine? Didn’t it occur to them that unless they were going to begin producing a lot more rubbish or store what they produce a lot longer than a week that going from 360 litres capacity to well over 1,000 would just mean nine bins with a small amount of garbage in each on collection day? And the shitty toilet paper and the lovely sounding mixture of nappies, dog shit, used tampons and dead rats, how could that not have rung alarm bells? What did they think can be done to recycle any of that, for Christ’s sake? Take used toilet paper. At the moment it gets strained out (stop laughing at the back) at the sewage treatment plant along with similar matter and I assume it’s either sent to landfill – composting on a grand scale and therefore right on – or simply incinerated. Well, instead of incinerating it we could try recycling by first using using heat to sterilise… oh, hey, it’s on fire now, how’d that happen? Hahahahaha, ‘kinell.

Well, all I can say is thank fuck it was just a piss take by a couple of libertarian leaning comedy magicians who are sceptical about nearly everything, and that there’s no way this would happen in real l … oh, no. From nanny Knows Best

The Taxpayers’ Alliance has done a survey that shows certain councils are pushing their recycling mantra to extremes.
Seemingly the average council now expects residents to sort their household waste into four bins, bags and caddies.

Okay, well that’s twice what I have to deal with, but it’s still only four.

However, Newcastle-under-Lyme wins the prize for taking the recycling mantra to the extreme by insisting that is hapless citizens sort their waste between nine containers!

Nine, just like in the clip. Attention Penn & Teller: did you put these witless fuckers up to it?

Twenty other local authorities (including Chelmsford, Aberdeenshire, Guildford and Middlesbrough) give residents seven or more containers.

Not for the first time I’m going to explain why recycling works where I am in Melbourne. We have two 120L wheelie bins. In one of them goes all the regular household rubbish. In the other goes paper, glass and anything, and I do mean anything, that has a recycling symbol on. Both bins get wheeled out for the garbage and recycling trucks the night before collection day, and you don’t get fined or your collection skipped if it’s not in precisely the normal place (ours is somewhere different each week depending on where cars are parked) or if it’s too full for the lid to shut. And that’s about the full extent of the chore unless you include washing food off anything that goes in the recycle bin. In short, it’s not fucking hard which is why everybody gets on with it without making waves. Oh, and I can’t imagine people would stand for bins remaining un-emptied for a fortnight to help ward off warble gloaming when it’s going to make hot summer days stink and encourage vermin and blow-flies.

Aside from the fact that local services anywhere cost enough anyway without making the person who pays do half the bloody work as well, most people are just too damn busy to deal with over complicated recycling rules and six or seven or eight or even nine bloody containers. If you make it easy it’ll happen. If you make it so that not doing it is the path of least resistance then people won’t do it. It’s that simple.

And of course it might all be bullshit anyway.

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