Offence seeking for toddlers

Okay, Rastafarian mice seem a bit lame, though not as much as mice with cat hair stuck in them, but racist? Oh, please, people, try try try try to get a fucking grip.

… Rastamouse has provoked more than a hundred complaints to the corporation with parents expressing fears the show is racist and encouraging the use of slang.

One mother on the Mumsnet forum, using the name TinyD4ncer, says she is concerned her child be attacked for repeating some of the Jamaican Patois phrases used by the mouse.
“The thing I’m most worried about is her saying the words like ‘Rasta’ and going up to a child and saying (these) things … my child is white and I feel if she was to say this to another child who was not white that it would be seen as her insulting the other child.”

Okay, I know I had a pop at wiggaz in a footnote the other day but a toddler copying a cartoon Rastafarian rodent is hardly in the same league. And hey, TinyDuncer, don’t you think that deciding for another ethnic group whether something is offensive to them instead of leaving it for them to decide is maybe a bit patronising? A bit racist even? No?

Actually it isn’t because it’s not about other ethnicities at all, is it? What did you say again?

… my child is white and I feel if she was to say this to another child who was not white that it would be seen as her insulting the other child.

This is just your middle class right-on white guilt, isn’t it? It’s not about kids upsetting each other but about how your own self image and how you want to be perceived among your peers, especially the white ones I expect, am I right?

Another parent, on, says: “just watched a couple videos .. i’m going to say it is racist,”…

Thank you, o discarder of capitals and wise suppository of wisdom on what is racist. We’ll all come to you the next time we need a ruling on that, shall we? Arrogant cunt.

And how many of these tools are there? It’s not going to be many, is it? It never usually is.

The BBC has received complaints from six viewers that the animated show stereotypes black people, while another 95 have complained about the language used in the show.

101. All this for 101 complaints. I’m tempted to make it 102 by writing in to complain that it stereotypes fucking rats and sign it Mister Squeaky.

Grow up, the fucking lot of you. If someone’s offended you’ll know and they’ll get over it. They have no more right to live their entire life in blissful unoffendedness than you or I. And to prove it I’ll tell you that I’m fucking offended that these witterings came from the mouths of people who are apparently the same species as me, and I find it deeply embarrassing. And offensive. Actually doubly offensive because I hate having to take the BBC’s side. That’s you all told, but don’t feel obliged to do or say anything – I’ll get over it.

See how it works? Good. Go practice.

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