RED ALERT – child spotted with cigarette like thing – RED ALERT

From the Mainly Fail, this horrifying story of child abuse as Hollywood poisons a child and gets her hooked on smoki… no, wait.

[Leonardo DiCaprio] was spotted teaching a young girl how to smoke cigarettes on set of J. Edgar in Los Angeles yesterday, sternly encouraging her while the girl coughed and spluttered.
While the young actress would have been inhaling herbal cigarettes in accordance with laws to protect child performers in California, it didn’t look as though she was particularly enjoying it.

Ah, so not tobacco then. And the headline?

If it’s only for the cameras why fucking mention it? Is it to try and pad out another angstrom deep sleb themed article, or is it because even pretend smoking with non-tobacco products is becoming a fucking dog whistle for the media these days?

Don’t answer. Just fuck off.

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