Must be nice…

… to be a self obsessed media whore with ridiculous fake tits a celebrity if only for the extra police attention you get.

I bet they’d even turn up in twenty minutes if she got burgled.

In a short video of the incident posted on YouTube, a police car can be seen holding back traffic behind Ms Price’s silver Range Rover as it speeds away.
A scrolling message in the police vehicle’s rear window reads “Rolling road block, hold back”, as traffic on the M25 was reportedly slowed to 50mph to assist the 32-year-old.
An official complaint about the incident was made to Surrey Police on Tuesday.
A spokesman for the force insisted that the officer who created the roadblock had done the right thing.
“We support the officer and there is no case to answer,” he said.
“There was a call made regarding a convoy of vehicles. That officer took stock of the situation and decided to intervene,” he added.

What “convoy”? The cryin’, talkin’, shaggin’, walkin’ living cosmetic surgery sample was in just one car, so the convoy was presumably all those other cars you can see briefly through the rear windscreen of the car the camera was in. Were they all paps? You checked? Not one regular member of the public simply wishing to go about their daily business, quite unaware that they were sharing the road with a celebrity cock holster?

Paparazzi – known for using small coupés, trucks, light vans and single rider motorbikes


It’s practically a given that this inconvenienced members of the public, but fuck ’em, eh? It seems that as far as the plod are concerned members of the public are not as important as a media-addicted parody of a Sid James wank fantasy with a pulse when, for a change, she isn’t in the mood for press attention.

No, Surrey Police, I think there is a fucking case to answer here. Katie Price has chosen the life she has, and done inexplicably well out of it. She chose long ago to make a living from courting media attention and she should therefore expect that getting attention from the media is going to be a part of that – in fact it’s kind of the entire fucking point. If she was delusional enough to believe that she was ever in control of the media, ever able to turn off their attention when she wasn’t in the mood for it, then she’s a bigger fool than I took her for. The reality of choosing that life is that the paps will occasionally turn up without an appointment and want to get photos to help shift piles of magazines with titles like Wotcher! and Slebs and Ooooohlook, and not being in the mood for it doesn’t give her the right to call you lot in to inconvenience other people while trying to control the cars with press in them. Fuck, it doesn’t even give her the right to have you inconvenience the press. In my imagination the conversation should have gone something like this.

Ring ring. Ring ring, Ring ri –

Surrey Police, Sergeant Exile speaking.  … Yes, and your name, please? … As in the basketball player? … Ah, yes. And your actual name? … I, C, E, yes, thank you. And what exactly can we … Right … Okay … And where are they doing this? … On the M25? … I’m not sure there’s much we can do … Well, they’re on a public road, you see, and so are you. You’ve each got as much right to be there as each other, and if they want to take pictures of someone in a public place they can. … Yes, I might be inclined to call them that too. … Yes, and that. … Maybe not that, though. … But look, none of this changes the point that they’re in public and so are you and you don’t have any reason to expect a right to your privacy in public areas. If they were in your garden looking through your windows, yes, but not on a public road. … Sorry, but that’s just how things are. … Look, I’ll tell you what. We’ll send a car or maybe two along with instructions to keep an eye things and pull over any of them for any kind of unsafe driving, but if they get there and everyone is driving sensibly and safely then I’m afraid you’ll just have to put up with it. … Well, I’m sorry you feel that way. … Yes, goodbye.

Instead it seems to have been “Yes, Ms Price, how high Ms Price?” and fuck everyone else on the road. And in the absence of any info to suggest that any paps were pulled I can only assume that they were all driving safely and responsibly. If not then we should also be asking why the fuck the plastic-titted one was considered more important than stopping an idiot for a nice long roadside discussion of their driving.

Any way you cut it I think there is a case for Surrey Police to answer here. It will be mildly entertaining if this all rebounds on Katie Price – and I think the paps will be even happier to go with the ‘Jordan sics police on paparazzi to clear M25 just for her” angle than they would have with “Jordan in a Range Rover just sitting there not doing much” – then it serves her right. I can’t understand what the fascination is with someone who seems to have been put on this earth just to make Sally Bercow look good, and if she manages to annoy the media into turning on her before dumping her altogether then that’s fine by me. But what really pisses me off is that the police’s role is likely to get forgotten before long. “With you, making Surrey safer” is apparently their slogan at the moment, and it’s laughably inappropriate. “With the wealthy, powerful and famous, making Surrey less free” would be far more like it.

Oh well, at least they’ve stopped treating photographers as suspected terrorists.

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