How many times must it be said?

What fucking cuts? The Cobbleition is actually going to spend money that Britain hasn’t got even faster than Labour, though marginally less fast than Labour would have done. How can spending even more money than the drunkenly profligate McSnotty government be in any way a cut? Persuading a lot of innumerate lefty students and comfy rent seekers to keep saying it is simply doesn’t make it so. Far from cutting spending, which I think it desperately needs to do, the government is instead committed to Labour’s plans of further increasing debt. That it’s doing so to a lesser degree is not a substantive difference.

It’s infuriating that the rent seekers and all these various vested interests are still insisting not only on having cake and eating it but also on a generous round of coffees with poncy mints, liqueurs and expensive brandies, and it’s so close to the point everyone is going to have to finally look at the fucking bill and realise that the pretentious and fuckwitted mongstrosity who insisted on ordering for everybody had no money of their own in the first place.

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