So who pays?

If you get a motoring fine you argue the toss or simply pay up, right? But if the offence was committed by someone else, as might happen if you became the registered owner just after it happened but before the records were altered, you’d just send back a note with copies of appropriate paperwork explaining that it was nothing to do with you. You would have shown that the offence was yours and that you’re not liable, correct? So why can’t it work when a feckless and incompetent government is replaced by… well, to be honest by one that is probably feckless and incompetent as well?

The reason I ask is because the Cobbleition government are looking at fines of a billion or so because of fuck ups done while they were in opposition.

An official Whitehall spending watchdog set out the scale of Britain’s “financial corrections” required by the European Commission in Brussels.
The National Audit Office identified £398 million of fines already paid and another £601 million set aside for future payments.
The fines “represent huge past costs and potential future costs to the taxpayer of implementing EU schemes in the UK,” the NAO said in an unusually blunt assessment.
Amayas Morse, the auditor-general, also warned that of “significant” problems with the way the Treasury had accounted for the payments, which relate to 2008/09 and earlier.

The sound of the Massive Forehead smacking it’s Downing Street desk was heard as far as Whitehall, and across the Channel the eurocrats began to tremble as they realised that they’d finally pushed too far.

Oh, wait, no. He’s not said diddly shit about it. Instead we have this:

The Treasury said that the money for the fines had already been factored into departmental accounts, meaning no extra money will have to found for any future payments.

In other words, ‘We’re still going to pay the fines.’

Justine Greening, the Economic Secretary to the Treasury, told MPs the Coalition was committed to “transparency” and sound financial management of EU spending in future.

But left unsaid: ‘We’re still going to pay the fines.’

A Coalition source said the last Government was at fault over the fines.

The fines which they’re still going to pay.

The sources said: “This is a shocking indictment of Labour and another example of the mess they left behind, which this Government and British taxpayers are having to clean up.”

It’s also a shocking indication of the nanoscopic scale of the Cobblition’s collective balls because one way or another, whether it’s tax they’ve already received or debt to be paid in future or the EU withholding money that’s supposed to go back to the UK out of money the British government has already paid it, they’re still going to pay the fines.

Or rather you are.

Let down by the government, if not held down by the government, and given a savage and lubeless rogering by the EU. And the Cobbleition were going to bring change?

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