The oxygen of publicity.

No time for much of a blog today so I’ll let this stand alone. Via The Filthy Engineer I see that EU Referendum is starting a campaign to heap all the shit on O2 that it deserves for its continued support of the 10:10 campaign, producers of the eco-murder video. Admittedly this might seem like I’m going against my libertarian principles but I’m not saying that O2 can’t support whoever they like and for whatever reasons, just that the eco-fascists they’re sponsoring are people who are more worried (though it seemed not actually that worried) about offending people than the fact that their wet dream of being able to blow up anyone deemed insufficiently enthusiastic would be nothing less than murder. And that, I feel, is an excellent reason to find another mobile phone service provider if you’re with O2.

I feel another video might be in order if I have the time over the weekend.

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