Just a very quick blog this, because I’ve just read something that boils my piss virtually to flashpoint.

Parents should be banned from smoking in their own homes and private cars, a Government health chief said today.
Dr Tony Jewell, chief medical officer for Wales, said that stopping people lighting up in their own homes would protect their children from the dangers of passive smoking.

Go fuck yourself, Tony. Go fuck yourself in as humiliating and degrading as way as possible. Do I have to explain what’s wrong with this?

But furious opponents said the ban would be a breach individuals’ right to privacy.

Clearly I do. It’s not fucking privacy rights, which in any case are a fucking fantasy anywhere that is a public space. It’s property rights that are being trampled on here, got it? PER-OP-ER-TEE, not fucking privacy. Why, apart from the fact that I got this from The Mainly Fail as well, is this so difficult to grasp. It is not an infringement of privacy but an infringement upon property. Yes, it is property which belongs to an individual and is therefore private, but it is the property rights that are being shat on and if people can’t understand exactly how their liberty is being eroded how the cunting fuck can they expect to hang on to what’s left?

Oh, and in case you didn’t get the message the first time, fuck you, Tony Jewell. Fuck you right in the lungs.

Warm disregards, a fellow non-smoker.

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