Bloody Blogger.

Bloody Blogger and bloody Blogger’s bloody comment system. I’ve just found the fucking thing has chucked one of my own comments in the spam bin. Can I prevent a repeat? Doesn’t look likely.

Blogger now filters comments that are likely spam comments to a Spam Inbox, much like the spam folder in your email. When someone leaves a comment on your blog, it will be reviewed against our spam detector, and comments that are identified as possible spam will be sent to your blog’s Spam Inbox, found at Comments | Spam.

You can help improve our ability to automatically detect spam comments by checking your Spam Inbox and deleting spam comments and marking real comments that may have been flagged as spam as Not Spam.

We are always seeking feedback on how to improve this feature, so please share your feedback with us by clicking on the Report Spam Filtering Issues.

Ground Control to Blogger Tom… take this feedback pill and put your thinking helmet on. I’m hardly going to spam my own fucking blog, you muppets.

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