Things I still don’t get about Australia – No. 28

The election was a bloody fortnight ago and not only is it still unclear who won, which is fair enough when what we do know for certain is that there was no clear winner, but they haven’t even finished counting all the votes yet.

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What the fuck’s taking so long? I realise that the preference voting system is more complex than FPTP and I realise every vote has to be counted and also includes ones where people voted from abroad or out of state or weren’t on the roll but claimed they were eligible, and I realise that there’s close to a full turnout because the sods threaten fines for anyone who doesn’t go. But come on, two bloody weeks? Britain manages in a couple of days, and they’ve got to count probably twice as many votes. Maybe there’s something I’m not aware of but it just seems like we should at least know the primary votes by now.

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