As bad as each other.

That politicians of left and right are as bad as each other is a recurring theme here at Chez Exile, though with a federal and a state election coming up the last couple of posts have been about Australian politicians. So it’s a well timed reminder, via the LPUK blog and Al Jahom, that the new British Cobbleition is just as bad as the Labour fucknuts that were so recently shown the door. The fucking maniacs still spending more than they raise in revenue, just as Labour did before them, and this is not only going to continue but it’s going to continue to get worse (hilariously this continued increase was somehow considered to be a cut by BBC drone Kirsty Wark and the BBC Overmind). At the same time The Elder Twin is showing his authoritarian credentials by siding with the taxpayer funded nannying bignose lobbyists in the north-east who want minimum alcohol pricing in Manchester. That EU rules look like preventing this sort of thing either hasn’t occurred to the freakish foreheaded fuckwit or he does have the balls to tell Europe to go piss after all, but only when it suits him. All this after the very Labour style threatening of to interfere with bonus systems in private banks if they didn’t lend enough to please the Cobbleition, i.e. Vince Cable, who I’m fairly sure was one of the people who damned the banks for lending too much not so very long ago. Vince is apparently over to the left of his party and might therefore be expected to be an authoritarian prick who can’t understand that private companies are supposed to answer to their shareholders and customers first rather than the fucking government, but that an allegedly Tory PM is carrying on the same kind of NuLabour style policies of unsustainable spending, taxpayer funded fake charity lobbying, market interference and intrusive nannying shows that the Tories, at least Cameramong’s Tories, really are little better than the bastards they took over from.

Meet the new boss, just another complete cunt.

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